DRJ West Texas

Custom and Collected Sports Memorabilia

2023 Midland Trinity Chargers – McFarlane Football RL1

2000 Baltimore Ravens – McFarlane Football RoW1

1966 Green Bay Packers – McFarlane Football Custom Pose  

1991 New Orleans Saints – McFarlane Football LA1

1973 O. J. Simpson first player in the NFL to

1969 Miami Dolphins – Hartland Football Lineman

1963 New York Jets – Hartland Football Running Back

1952 Detroit Lions – McFarlane Custom Pose

La Porte Bulldogs Game Used 1990s Jersey

1962 Denver Broncos – Hartland Football Quarterback

1960 Boston Patriots – Hartland Football Running Back

Texas A&M Aggies Blank 2003 Jersey

Texas A&M Aggies Blank 2004 Jersey

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Authentic 1979 Jersey


Quarterback Based on Dak Prescott Imports Dragons NFL 2

1996 Philadelphia Phillies – Starting Lineup (SLU) Baseball Custom Pose

1993 Calgary Flames – Kenner Starting Lineup (SLU) Hockey JJ

1997 Kansas City Chiefs – Kenner Starting Lineup (SLU) Football

1952 Brooklyn Dodgers – Kenner Starting Lineup (SLU) Baseball WF


Receiver Based on CeeDee Lamb Imports Dragons NFL 2

Receiver Based on D K Metcalf Imports Dragons NFL 1


Running Back Based on Aaron Jones Imports Dragons NFL 1


Running Back Based on Derrick Henry Imports Dragons NFL 1


Running Back Based on Najee Harris Imports Dragons NFL 1


Linebacker Based on T J Watts Imports Dragons NFL 1


Quarterback Based on Tom Brady Imports Dragons NFL 1

Quarterback Based on Patrick Mahomes Imports Dragons NFL 2

  Quarterback Based on Patrick Mahomes Imports Dragons NFL 1


Quarterback Based on Josh Allen Imports Dragons NFL 1

1962 Buffalo Bills – Hartland Football Lineman

1963 Don Meredith Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants with

1963 Don Perkins Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants with

1964 Houston Oilers – Hartland Football Running Back

1963 San Huff New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys with

Angelo State Rambelles Game Worn 2010s Jersey

Angelo States Rams Sales Sample 2010s Jersey

2023 Cinco Ranch Cougars High School – FT Champs WR

1964 Jerry Logan Baltimore Colts NFL Championship Game vs Cleveland

1964 Lenny Lyles Baltimore Colts NFL Championship Game vs Cleveland

1964 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns NFL Championship Game vs Baltimore

2023 Grapevine Faith High School – McFarlane Basketball Custom Pose

1960 Dallas Texans – Hartland Football Running Back

2007 Gators – McFarlane NCAA 4 TT1  

2012 Aggies – McFarlane Football TT1

2010 Aggies – McFarlane Football DW1

2007 Aggies – McFarlane Football AGA1

2007 Aggies – McFarlane Football KM1

2000 Aggies – McFarlane Football BU1